Through our MBA Programme is the way to get on the path to business leadership. In this program, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills you need to successfully manage organizations in the ever-changing business environment. You will learn relevant management skills in domestic business settings, effective team building, quantitative and qualitative decision-making, and creative problem-solving skills that you can immediately apply in your professional life.

You may specialize in one of several areas to hone your skills to your own career goals. Specializations available include Rural and Agri Business Management (RABM) , Supply Chain Management (SCM), Family Business Management (FBM) , Banking and Insurance Management (BIM), Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Defence Management (DM) , Digital Media & Communication Marketing (MC) , Services Management (SM) , Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM), Retail Management (RM), Healthcare Management (HM) , Technology Management (TM) along with the existing specializations of International Business, Operations, Human Resource, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology. Students will not only get theoretical skills but will also get training from different industries which will directly relate to the academic subjects. Let’s say, if a student wants to pursue Family Business Management (FBM), then he/she can get training in their family business. She/he can give ideas to supplement it with their new techniques. Moreover, one can also join other business profile as an intern and can get experience to help their family business.