The Institute lays pivotal importance on research and related activities. The Institute research policy provides guidelines for the conduct and publication of high quality research work by all the staff (including teaching, non-teaching and administrative), students and external experts/guides associated with the research work conducted at the Institute.
1. The Institute research policy adheres to the ethics of research, publication and academic integrity of the University Grant Commission (UGC) and the affiliating university.
2. The research monitoring cell of the Institute comprising of faculty members has to promote and sustain the research tempo of the Institute. This cell has to support decision making in matters related to research which are critically important for the institution and is headed by Academic and Research Coordinator (ARC).
3. The conduct of research related programs such as seminars, conferences, symposia, workshops and other regular events etc. is highly encouraged.
4. The research being conducted in the Institute should be defined, prioritized and ensured that the focus area is contemporary and relevant.
5. The Institute acknowledges the research achievements of its faculty in different disciplines.
6. The essential infrastructure support for the research work would be provided by the Institute and the research facilities will be augmented in the departments whenever and wherever possible.
7. The allocation of financial and other support for research will be based on objective, transparent, merit based decision-making system.
8. The faculty research outcome has to reflect by incorporating it into teaching process so as to benefit student learning and outcomes.
9. Faculty are to be encouraged for carrying out quality research and publish their findings in reputed journals and file patents wherever possible.
10. The Institute encourages the faculty members to take up research projects by extending all possible support.