Year Name of the workshop/ seminar/ conference Number of Participants Date From – To Link to the Activity report on the website
2022-2023 “Research And Innovation: Procedure for Research Paper Publication, Patent Filings, and Entreneurship Development” 266 9 June 2023 & 10 June 2023 View Details
2022-2023 Seminar on enovation Project idea 42 11-Oct-22 View Details
2022-2023 Seminar on Startups and Entrepreneurship opportunities 32 9-Nov-22 View Details
2021-2022 “Navigating the Academic Landscape: Research Paper Publication and Patent Filings” 37 17-Jan-22 View Details
2021-2022 Trends and Developments of Intellectual Property Rights 39 26-Oct-21 View Details
2021-2022 Workshop on internet of things 43 13-Jul-21 View Details
2020-2021 “Innovate, Publish, and Prosper: Strategies for Academic and Entrepreneurial Excellence” 29 17-Aug-21 View Details
2019-2020 “Unleashing Innovation: A Guide to Patent Filings and Research Paper Publication” 24 11-Nov-19 View Details
2019-2020 Workshop on Research Methodology using Excel 34 14-Dec-19 View Details
2019-2020 Seminar on Present Scenario in Entrepreneurship 39 8-Feb-20 View Details
2018-2019 “Fueling Faculty Success: Research Paper Publication and Entrepreneurship Development” 22 15-Sep-18 View Details
2018-2019 Entrepreneurship Understanding start-Ups 12 19-Jan-19 View Details
2018-2019 Workshop on “Data Science using R Programming” 17 18-Mar-19 View Details