Importance of extracurricular activities for MBA applicants
Portrays you as an all-rounder

Extra-curricular activities portray one as an all-rounder. Business schools are not only concerned with the academic performance or scores of Management aptitude tests, but look for people who understand the outside world too.

Highlighting extracurricular activities allows an individual to stand out in the admission process. The purpose behind knowing about a candidate’s participation in extracurricular is to get an idea about his/her underlying soft-skills that cannot be judged alone by seeing the application form. Also, a candidate can highlight his/her personal passions and interests through extracurricular activities.

Exhibits commitment
Past behavior predicts future behavior. Participation in extracurricular activities exhibits you as a candidate who has the ability of committing to activities, people, groups, and causes. Once a candidate secures admission in the management school, the latter expects a long-term commitment with the former, which also involves participation in various extracurricular activities. A positive track record of past engagements by a candidate assures the interviewer that the candidate will stay involved on campus too during the MBA programme.

Demonstrates creativity & passion
Extracurricular activities do not mean participation in massive projects. It could be a small initiative taken by you, or you could be a part of a project/activity. Each experience demonstrates creativity and passion that can be clearly seen by the interviewers. This increases the chances of selection.

Scales up your application
Only those candidates who excel in the management entrance tests are called for the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds. This clearly means that you will be up against an equally competitive candidate. Your extracurricular activities will give an edge over other candidates and will scale up your application. When it will be time to pick the best, your application will certainly be considered.