Reaching the highest quality standards of the higher education sector is the sole motto of the Institute in its prevailing circumstances.
1. Adequate opportunities to be provided to all the learners in recognizing their potential and leveraging it to achieve upper most standards in their respective programs.
2. The learners to be assured about their safety in the Institute campus by clear communication.
3. There must be no discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, creed, race, nationality, language or region and treatment of all in the campus has to be fair and equal.
4. The dissemination of knowledge, skills and expertise in all programs is to be critically designed to ensure that the learners are casted into good citizens with principled attitude.
5. The process of quality assurance, enhancement systems and procedures must be perpetual and binding on all stake holders. It has to rigorously evaluate strengths and weaknesses to explore and implement countermeasures for improvement.
6. The quality system to target enhancement in standards of learning, teaching and assessment by the ways of monitoring, reviewing and developmental measures.
7. Interaction with the employers and their feedback including that of students and other stake holders to be considered to evaluate the service trails of the Institute learners in the corporate and industrial market. Based on these inputs, quality system to be periodically mended by the transient nature of decision making by the Institute management.
8. Sufficient care to be taken in ensuring that the academic standards in the Institute are at par with the requirements of higher education sector and quality of learning opportunities provided under various programs is gradually enhanced.
9. Teachers to be encouraged for perpetually upgrading their teaching and learning methods preferably by using the latest ICT tools available.
10. The infrastructural facilities being the skeletal of the Institute, adequate care is to be taken in propping up timely addition, renovation and maintenance.
11. Faculty are to be encouraged for carrying out quality research and publish their findings in reputed journals and file patents wherever possible.
12. Seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. on quality issues to be organized on a regular basis.
13. Orientation programs for teachers and students to be conducted regularly for upgrading the quality of teaching and learning.
14. MOUs and collaborations with reputed national laboratories, institutions, industries and organizations to be developed for widening the scope of activities and opportunities.
15. Consistency of Research Centre’s outcomes to be ensured by appropriate planning of academic activities and extension lectures.