The policy of economic reforms has brought structural changes in the economy, which resulted in major shifts in the Indian agricultural scenario. The primacy of subsistence orientation is yielding place to commercialization, opening up vast opportunities for value addition, packaging and exports of agricultural products, with strikingly high levels of technology. The policies of globalization have taken Indian agriculture into the global village, opening up unprecedented opportunities as well as great challenges. These and other concomitant forces of change are placing significant demand for managerial skills in the Agribusiness sector. A career in Agribusiness can open doors to a plenty of industries such as commodity procurement and marketing, import-export firms, public and private enterprises, retail marketing, agro- financial services, farming industry, food production companies, packaging and other allied sectors with the use of the advanced technology. Agriculture Business as an industry has opened up vast opportunities for professionally skilled and qualified Managers. Students get opportunities to select programs that focus on system-wide business and managerial functions performed by organizations th roughout the agribusiness sectors. Agriculture, with its allied sectors, accounts for 18% of India’s GDP and for more than 65% of jobs. The total annual expenditure of India on food and Agro-related industries is estimated to be USD 150 billion.