4.3.2 Student – Computer ratio (Data for the latest completed academic year) Number of computers available for students usage during the latest completed academic year:

HEI Input :


1. HEI needs to verify & check all the uploaded documents and provide all the necessary supporting documents/ functional link for verification as per NAAC SOP.
2. Kindly note that Link provided for the prescribed supporting documents is not opening. please relook and provide correct valid Link. DVV 4.3.2
3. Please provide Number of computers available for student use only. Computer Ratio
4. Please provide bills for the purchase of computers. Bills
5.Please provide stock registers and HIGHLIGHT the entries of computers purchased in the stock registers. Stock
6. Please note that computers for office and faculty use will not be considered under this metric.
7. Please note that computers purchased after the latest completed academic year will not be considered.
8. Kindly provide any other relevant data or documents related in this metrics (if available).