To sensitization the students about social issues, and to imbibe a sense of social responsibility for their holistic personality development, the extension activities plays a pivotal role. Hence the Institute must consider these extension activities in high regard by a centralized approach
towards them.
1. All the extension activities conducted by the Institute through NSS committees, departments etc., are to be critically designed for contributing towards bringing about social change and community upliftment, finally leading to holistic development of students.
2. The departments are encouraged to undertake extension activities either independently or jointly with other entities in collaboration with government or non-government organizations in all possible domains including need-based training programs and consultancy.
3. Achievement of hands-on experience in specific areas by the Institute students may be targeted by the extension and outreach activities.
4. These activities serve as medium to students for displaying their talents and to utilize their knowledge and skills for the societal development.
5. By means of extension activities, the Institute also has to focus on national integration and communal harmony by involvement of Govt. agencies and local bodies wherever possible.