The Institute infrastructure being the backbone of an institution serves a vital support to the range of activities that are executed in it. Due to this pivotal role of the infrastructure, the Institute is committed to create new infrastructure whenever and wherever possible, enhance/renovate/maintain the existing one in the best interest of the Institute lending a constructive support to everything that happens here.
1. To ensure optimum utilization of the resources, the Institute infrastructure, including labs has to be used for academic and research activities by the faculty and students thereby contributing in the nation building effort.
2. Common facilities like ground, auditorium, conference halls, seminar halls, and multipurpose indoor facilities etc. may be provided for the conduct of academic events by other institutions, organizations after due evaluation of their prior request.
3. The Institute has a fitness center (gymnasium) for the use of staff, students for maintaining their physical fitness and training for competitive events.
4. To ensure proper maintenance of the Institute infrastructure, the services of electricians, mechanics, plumbers and gardeners are to be made available in the Institute campus compulsorily during the office hours and quick response in case of emergencies during odd hours.
5. Few of the Institute non-teaching staff members are identified and trained to provide such professional services in addition to their routine work.
6. Since the line voltage fluctuations and power failures is likely to cause greater harm, proper care is taken for the safeguard and steady functioning of IT infrastructure, sensitive and expensive equipment by providing with necessary back up and support systems.