The hallmark MBA++ Programme with Dubai International Internship Programme

In the recent times, students have been provided with abundance of career options. This, at times ends up putting them in a dilemma to choose the ‘ideal’ career path, be it national or international. Even once they have chosen the career path, there are many choices to make, what should the deliverables of the course be, how much value will it add to your CV, etc.

The expanding world with thinning boundaries, it is not enough to know about a particular country. “A global mind set is increasingly crucial to survive in this competitive business world, where every economy and business is interconnected. Thus knowledge of international markets is vital. The importance of international exposure has become greater than ever due to the increase in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) being involved in businesses overseas and also the increase in cross- border mergers and acquisitions.“

International exposure helps you get out of your shell and become bolder. It helps you broaden your horizon. Interacting with international personalities makes you understand their perspective towards India. You can discuss the constraints they face while interacting with Indian companies and talk about the same in front of the recruiters. “If you are seeking to work within international corporations in the travel and hospitality industry, which are continually dealing with both businesses and consumers from around the world, such exposure is really helpful. Students who are interested in touching upon a varied range of business fields and gaining an in depth understanding of global practices should strongly consider looking for international opportunities in their institutions.“


Specializations available include

Rural and Agri Business Management (RABM) , Supply Chain Management (SCM), Family Business Management (FBM) , Banking and Insurance Management (BIM), Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Defence Management (DM) , Digital Media & Communication Marketing (MC) , Services Management (SM) , Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM), Retail Management (RM), Healthcare Management (HM) , Technology Management (TM) along with the existing specializations of International Business, Operations, Human Resource, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology. Students will not only get theoretical skills but will also get training from different industries which will directly relate to the academic subjects. Let’s say, if a student wants to pursue Family Business Management (FBM), then he/she can get training in their family business. She/he can give ideas to supplement it with their new techniques. Moreover, one can also join other business profile as an intern and can get experience to help their family business.


Program Learning Outcomes

Evaluate the systems and processes used throughout an organization including the planning, decision-making, group dynamics, innovation, production, supply chain, operations, technologies, marketing and distribution, and management. Demonstrate leadership ability and management skills within an environment of change to meet the objectives of the stakeholders of the organization. Evaluate the forces in the global business environment, including social responsibility, sustainability, ethics, and the risk and opportunities associated with operating within a multi-cultural, business environment. Apply economic models, accounting principles, statistical techniques, and financial theories, analysis, and reporting in business decision-making. Design alternatives to solve business problems utilizing quantitative analysis, critical thinking, and sound ethical decision making. Formulate strategies and policies utilizing environmental and resources assessment, and integrating various functions to achieve the mission and objectives of the organization.


Programme Highlights
  • Book Bank to all Student Managers.
  • Corporate Uniform to all Student Managers.
  • Xed Intellect to understand the management basics.
  • Individual Emergenetics Profiling for Student Managers.
  • 7 additional Certification Courses to enhance Corporate Employability.
  • Diploma in Retail Management from Retail Association of India.
  • International Internship and Placement Programme at Dubai.
  • Diploma in Corporate Leadership from Commonwealth Vocational University, Kingdom of Tonga.
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