Review of staff performance and evaluation of their skills and achievements, is achieved by the annual performance appraisal.
1. The performance appraisal implemented in the Institute is as per the applicable UGC guidelines, Government of Maharashtra regulations as well as directives of the affiliating university in this regard every year. It is applicable to faculty and non-teaching staff.
2. The demand from the vision and mission of the Institute is also considered in addition to UGC regulations in the performance appraisal.
3. The performance appraisal is done confidentially once every year. The appraisal of teaching staff will be carried out by the respective H.O.Ds who will forward it to the concerned Vice-Director. Finally it will be forwarded to the Director. At each stage, the appraisal will be scrutinized and remarks of the HODs, Vice-Director and Director through IQAC will be made.
4. The appraisal of all the HODs and Directors will be conducted by the Director.
5. The performance appraisal of non-teaching and administrative staff is conducted by the Institute Registrar who finally forwards it to the Director.
6. The performance appraisal data is analyzed quantifiably on the basis of documents submitted and feedbacks by IQAC.
7. After the analysis, the supervising authority scripts its remarks identifying the exceptional/significant/satisfactory/unsatisfactory progress whatever the case may be, and finally mentions the appreciation and/or areas of focus/attention for the individual.
8. The findings and remarks of the supervising authority are communicated to the concerned without delay.
9. For Key Result Area (KRA) evaluation of teachers, their KRA forms are verified and scrutinized by the IQAC and forwarded to the Director. Finally it is forwarded to competent authority for final evaluation and certification.
10. Teacher who are due for promotion under Career Advancement Scheme (CAS), their Appraisals, KRA evaluation certificate along with other documents are submitted to the IQAC which verifies and scrutinizes them before sending them to the Director. The Director forwards the proposal to the competent authority/committee/institution which is designated by the university the same.