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6.5.2 Quality assurance initiatives of the institution include:

1. Regular meeting of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC); quality improvement initiatives identified and implemented

2. Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) and follow-up action taken

3. Collaborative quality initiatives with other institution(s)

4. Participation in NIRF and other recognized rankings

5. Any other quality audit/accreditation recognized by state, national, or international agencies such as NAAC, NBA, etc.


HEI Input :

B. Any 3 of the above


1. HEI needs to verify &check all the uploaded documents and provide all the necessary supporting documents/functionallinkforverificationasperNAACSOP.
2. Kindly note that Supporting documents are not opening. please relook and provide the correct valid link. Point 2
3. Kindly provide the Proceedings of meetings of IQAC and action taken report on feedback analysis. IQAC
4. Kindly provide Supporting document links as per the options selected. Note: Collaborative quality initiatives with sister institutions under the same management will not be considered. Collaborative QI
5. Please provide any other relevant Data or Documents related to these metrics (if available). AAA