Leave Policy for Employees on Regular Rolls
1. Objective
To communicate the leave entitlements and provide guidelines for availing this leave.

2. Eligibility and Applicability
All employees on regular rolls of the Institute.

3. Policy & Procedure
1. Categories of leave available to the employees are: Casual Leave, Vacation Leave, Maternity Leave, Compensatory Off, and Leave without Pay or Extraordinary Leave.
2. 2 For the purpose of leave, “Year” shall mean the Academic Year commencing 15 th July and ending 14th July.
3. All leaves shall accrue effective 15thJuly of every year.
4. Employees shall apply for leave on prescribed formats.
5. Holidays and weekly-offs between the leaves will be treated as a part of leave only.
6. Leave will not be allowed on Saturdays/Mondays [Exceptional cases will be decided on a case to case basis]

AESIMR Institute Studies has classified leaves in the following categories, with guidelines to support and provide information on eligibility and redemption:

1. All teaching employees are eligible for 8 days of CL in an academic year [these cannot be availed of when vacation leave is announced]; confirmed administration staff for 8 days , which shall be credited to permanent employees every year. New recruits will enjoy CL on a pro rata basis based on their date of joining work. In general, such employees will enjoy one Casual Leave for every 45 days worked.
2. Employee on CL cannot be absent from duty continuously for more than 2 days including intervening holidays
3. Employees may avail CL for half-day also
4. CL cannot be prefixed or suffixed to intervening holidays or weekends
5. Un-availed CL will automatically lapse at the end of the academic year.
6. Any time taken off during office hours for unavoidable personal reasons may be charged to Casual Leave.
7. Except in case of emergencies, Casual Leave must be availed of by applying for it at least two days prior to enjoying such leave. [Please see CL Application Format]

Leave Calculation:
8 casual leaves are granted to every employee from the period l5th July to 14th July of the ensuing year. The number of leaves will be proportionately reduced for employees whose joining date is after l5th July. A half day will be granted in case such a calculation ends in a fraction equal to or more than 5. For example, if it is 6.7 then the employee will be entitled to 7 casual leaves. For a lower than .5 decimal, number of leaves will be restricted to the former integer. For example, if the calculation yields a 4.33 figure, then the employee will be allowed only 4 leaves. Half day will be granted after completion of a minimum of 25 days of work and one casual leave will be granted after every 45 days of work.

1. All permanent, full time employees will be granted Medical Leave of 10 days for every academic year Such Leave will be granted to Non teaching staff after completion of one year of Service.
2. Such leave cannot be combined with other leaves.
3. Such leave will be granted only on producing a Medical Certificate from a recognized medical practitioner [ Minimum qualification: MBBS]
4. This leave cannot be carried forward [ Faculty and Administration staff ]
5. If an employee takes Medical Leave on Sat., then Sun. (weekly off) as also subsequent days announced as Public holidays will be counted as M.L.

1. The Institute permits ML as per prevailing rules, and can be availed at the convenience of the mother-to-be. The leave period includes weekends and holidays. A woman who has worked for at least 80 days in the 12 months immediately preceding her expected date of delivery will continue to be eligible.
2. Maternity leave shall be limited to an employee’s first two confinements and must be spaced by at least 3 years (except in case of a miscarriage).
3. The employee shall inform the Director at least 4 weeks prior to proceeding on such leave with appropriate Medical Certificate.
4. ML will be in addition to other leave facilities of the Institute and shall not be prefixed or suffixed with any other kind of leave.
a. Such paid ML leave will be calculated on Basic Pay.
b. Any further leave shall be decided on a case-to-case basis and will be considered Leave without Pay.

1. All teaching faculty is eligible for 5 days of AL/Duty leave in an academic year.
2. AL for all days of the conference may be availed only for listed/approved conferences which are of repute (subject to condition of having an advanced schedule). For other conferences, the leave shall be sanctioned for the day of making a presentation.
3. AL may also be considered for Delivering invited talks
4. Teaching faculty wishing to avail Academic Leave should get their leave approved by the Director at least 7 days in advance and send the approved leave application along with the invitation letter sent by the concerned institute or of Conference/Workshop to Registrar.
5. Faculty member availing of such leave must produce and submit evidence of attendance [Fee receipt and Certificate] to the Registrar for records.
6. Academic leave may neither be accumulated nor combined with any other type of leave.

1. If an employee has exhausted all types of leave, exceptionally, s/he may be allowed to take leave without pay up to a maximum of 3 days in a year, subject to approval of the Director.
2. Three days of LWP in an academic year shall not be treated as break in service.

1. Such leave will be sanctioned when a staff member travels out of the premises for official work.
2. He/ She should take prior written permission of the Director for availing such leave.


1. Compensatory Offs are provided to administration staff and faculty for work done on public holidays or weekends owing to tight AICTE/SPPU schedules or work requirements as pre-approved by the Director.
2. Such leaves will be restricted to 2 in a year and must be availed of within 60 days of taking such leave. [This Rule shall not be applicable to the Director’s Post]
3. Such leave may also be granted to all staff members en masse on a mutually decided basis for work done on a public holiday/Sunday.

1. The Institute shall operate on a six day week pattern; each staff member will get alternate Saturdays off on a rotational basis. The HOD and Registrar will determine the rotational chart and once decided it will remain in force for a period of one year.
2. Fifth Saturday shall be treated as working Saturday for all.
3. No compensatory leave will be allowed for work done on such additional weekly off on Saturdays as these holidays are granted as privileges rather than as a matter of right.
4. The Director may withdraw these privileges without notice/explanation.
5. Certain senior level faculty position like Dean/HOD/Registrar will not enjoy additional weekly offs and or vacation without prior written permission of the Director

1. All eligible teaching staff shall be granted summer and Winter Vacation. Those on probation are not eligible for vacation and shall work on research projects, papers or academic/administrative assignments during such period.
2. After 2 years of work completed a faculty member will ordinarily be eligible for 45 days’ vacation leave subject to Director's written approval. The duration of such leave however will be decided by the Director on a year on year basis.
3. The Director/Management may withdraw this privilege /modify/reduce/re-schedules the number of such holidays without notice/explanation.
4. The vacation schedule is divided into 2 periods [summer and winter sessions] must be approved by the Director. The Director in consultation with the HOD shall plan the summer and winter vacation well in advance based on the academic and other relevant considerations.
5. All eligible faculty members must give a written application for such leave and get the same sanctioned by the Director. The approved leave application must be forwarded to the Registrar for records.
6. No other leave can be prefixed/suffixed with vacation leave.
7. Faculty who do not wish to avail summer and winter vacation, but have not been requisitioned by the Management, may share their intent with the Director, who shall discuss the faculty’s summer and winter plans (like research, writing a book, etc.) and may permit the faculty to work during summer and winter.
8. Faculty availing the summer and winter vacation shall keep the institution informed of their address of stay and contact details during vacation period for emergency needs.
9. Faculty on summer and winter vacation may at their discretion and on approval from the Director, attend external examination related works/FDPs/Seminars/Conferences. However, such activities shall not count for any set-off against the summer and winter vacation.
10. Administrative staff is not eligible for such leave.

1. This paid leave shall be given, on a case to case basis, primarily to those who are permanent and approved teachers and have registered for Ph.D. and cleared their pre- Ph.D. course work. This leave will be decided upon by Management on a case to case basis.
2. The leave needs to be approved by the Director.
3. The Director shall call for supporting recommendation letter from a faculty’s Ph.D. guide for granting the approval.
4. The unutilized Special Leaves can neither be carried forward nor encased.

3. Rule for Half day
1. No half day leave will be granted when prefixed to any holiday (i.e. no leave will be granted on Monday or additional weekly off]
2. Employees availing half day leave will report to the institute at 12 noon.

4. Earn Leave
The Director will be entitled to Earn Leave in accordance with SPP Rules.

5. General Leave Guidelines
1. All leaves have to be pre-approved by the Director. In case if an employee is unable to get the leave pre-approved, then the employee in such rare cases has to inform the Director about the leave over phone /via sms/ e-mail within six hours of reporting time. In the event of non- availability of the Director, the Registrar must be informed.
2. All written leave applications have to be submitted to the Director through the Registrar. The leave is formally approved after the Director concedes such leave.
3. In the event of an employee’s termination or exit, AESIMR has all the rights to adjust the leaves with the notice period accordingly, subject to availability and Director’s approval.
4. Leave beyond 2 days without necessary notice will be dealt with seriously and the employee may need to forego pay for the same duration. An employee may be terminated for taking extended leave without permission at the discretion of the Management.
5. Administration/Payroll will be calculated on the basis of leave taken as on the last date of every month.
6. Compensatory Offs are not to be clubbed with other leaves with the exception of weekends or Public Holidays.
7. HOD/Registrar will inform the team and/or other relevant team members in AESIMR when a team member is on leave.
8. No leave will be granted during examination period of SPPU.
9. No leave will be granted during the notice period after the Resignation is submitted.