The ever expanding world of management and computer applications is making its presence felt in almost all the spheres of human existence. Education today is not only about implementing the knowledge but to be in touch with changing times while being more practical. The foremost mission of Abhinav Education Society is to provide an environment that allows future leaders to realize their potential in full.

We at Abhinav, give students the opportunity to develop their individuality and skills through an education that is backed by cutting edge research. Our goal is to endow students with rich sense of humanity and a creative intellect, equipping them with the ability of working independently. In particular, we aim to improve their communication skills, moral values, sense of responsibility and logical thinking abilities. Ours is a rapidly globalizing world where information travels the world in an instant. Some feel uneasy by sheer pace of change but times of change are also times of opportunity.

We must foster the kind of imaginative power that can create added value for future. The students are exposed to basic and complex Management as well as software skills required at every juncture of the rapidly expanding world of computers and management. Students are motivated to trigger creative and innovative genres of management and computer applications.

An Opportunity to bring out the Diamond in you, awaits!

Mr .Rajeev G. Jagtap
( Founder President )
Abhinav Education Society