Code Course Name CO Course outcomes
IT11 Java Programming CO1 Understand Basic Concepts of OOPs, Java, Inheritance, and Package. (Understand)
CO2 Understand Exception handling, arrays and Strings and multi-threading in Java
CO3 Understand collection framework (Understand)
CO4 Develop GUI using Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT) and event handling (Apply)
CO5 Develop Web application using JSP and Servlet, JDBC (Apply)
IT12  Data Structure and algorithms CO1 Demonstrate linear data structures linked list, stack and queue (apply
CO2 Implement tree, graph, hash table and heap data structures (apply)
CO3 Apply brute force and backtracking techniques (apply)
CO4 Demonstrate greedy and divide-conquer approaches (apply)
CO5 Implement dynamic programming technique (apply)
IT13 Object Oriented Software engineering CO1 Distinguish different process model for a software development.
CO2  Design software requirements specification solution for a given problem definitions of a software system
CO3  Apply software engineering analysis/design knowledge to suggest solutions for simulated problems (Analyze)
CO4 Design user interface layout for different types of applications
CO5 Recognize and describe current trends in software engineering
IT 14 Operating Systems Concepts CO1 Understand structure of OS, process management and synchronization. (Understand)
CO2 Understand multicore and multiprocessing OS. (Understand)
CO3 explain Real-time and embedded OS (Understand)
CO4 Understand Windows and Linux OS fundamentals and administration. (Understand)
CO5 solve shell scripting problems (Apply)
IT15 Network Technologies CO1 Understand the basic concepts of Computer Network, and principle of layering
CO2  Apply the error detection and correction techniques used in data transmission
CO3  Apply IP addressing schemes and sub netting
CO4  Understand the concept of routing protocols, Application layer protocols and Network
CO5  Apply the socket programming basics to create a simple chat application
OC11  Open Course- 1 (Aptitude Building) CO1  Outline the basic concepts of Quantitative Aptitude
CO2  To apply logic and solve problems of Logical Reasoning
CO3 To understand Basic Technical programming concepts
CO4  To apply logic for output based Technical programming
OC12 Open Course- 2 Digital Marketing Management CO1 Students gain an overall understanding of Digital Marketing Develop insight on Current Trends
CO2 Provide an introduction to Digital Marketing Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
CO3 Introduction to the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Mobile Marketing
CO4 Introduction to various strategies involved in Marketing products and Services Digitally
IT11L  Data Structure and algorithms Lab CO1 Apply Data Structure to solve problems using JavaScript (Apply)
SS 11 SOFT SKILL-1 CO1 To demonstrate the ability to write error free while making an optimum use of correct Business Vocabulary & Grammar
CO2  Paraphrase published written and audio visual content in own words
CO3 Applying skills by writing short paragraphs and essays for a specified task, to elicit, to select, to describe, to summarize information
CO4 Analyzing and take part in conversations using general, social and professional language
ITC11 Mini Project CO1 Create working project using tools and techniques learnt in this semester (Create)
IT21 Python CO1 Understand Demonstrate the concepts of python and modular programming.
CO2 Apply the concepts of concurrency control in python (Apply)
CO3 Solve the real-life problems using object-oriented concepts and python
libraries (Apply)
CO4 Demonstrate the concept of IO, Exception Handling, database (Apply)
CO5 Analyze the given dataset and apply the data analysis concepts and data
visualization. (Analyze)
IT-22  Software Project Management CO1 Understand the process of Software Project Management Framework and Apply estimation techniques. (Apply)
CO2 Learn the philosophy, principles and lifecycle of an agile project. (Understand)
CO3 Demonstrate Agile Teams and Tools and Apply agile project constraints and trade-offs for estimating project size and schedule (Apply)
CO4 Explain Project Tracking and Interpretation of Progress Report (Understand)
CO5 Analyze Problem statement and evaluate User Stories (Analyze)
MT21 Optimization Technique CO1 Understand the role & principles of Optimization Technique in Business World
CO2 Demonstrate Specific Optimization Technique for effective decision Making
CO3 Apply the Optimization Technique in Business Environment
CO4 Illustrate & infer for the business scenario
CO5 Analyze the optimization technique in strategic planning for optimal gain
IT23  AIT CO1 Outline the basic concepts of Advance Internet Technologies (Understand)
CO2 Design appropriate user interfaces and implements webpage based on given
problem Statement (Apply)
CO3 Implement concepts and methods of NodeJS (Apply)
CO4 Implement concepts and methods of Angular (Apply)
CO5 Build Dynamic web pages using server-side PHP programming with Database
Connectivity (Apply)
IT24 Advanced DBMS CO1 Describe the core concepts of DBMS and various databases used in real applications
CO2  Design relational database using E-R model and normalization (Apply)
CO3 Demonstrate XML database and nonprocedural structural query languages for data
access (Apply)
CO4 Explain concepts of Parallel, Distributed and Object-Oriented Databases and their
applications (Understand)
CO5 Apply transaction management, recovery management, backup and security – privacy
concepts for database applications (Apply)
OC21 Power BI and Tableau CO1 Understand the Visual Analytics terminology and tools
CO2 ILLUSTRATE the use of the Tableau/Power BI interface to effectively create powerful visualizations and charts.
CO3 MAKE USE OF various techniques to analyze your data, parameters and input controls to give users control over certain values
CO4 INTEGRATE data sources using data blending and Combine data from multiple tables in the same data source using joins.
CO5 CREATE basic calculations including basic arithmetic calculations custom aggregations and ratios, date math, and quick table calculations.
OC22 Research Methodology CO1: Understand basics of research and its process-Understand Level
CO2: Apply computer aided tools for analysis and documentation of research work-Apply Level
CO3: Understand Intellectual Property Rights-Understand Level
IT21L  Practical CO1 Implement python programming concepts for solving real life problems. (Apply)
CO2 Implement Advanced Internet Technologies (Apply)
ITC21 Mini Project CO1 Create working project using tools and techniques learnt in this semester (Create)
SS 21 SOFT SKILL-II CO1 To make the students aware of the importance, the role and the content of soft skills through instruction, knowledge acquisition, demonstration and practice
CO2  To develop and nurture the soft skills of the students through individual and group activities
CO3 Effectively communicate through verbal/oral communication and improve the listening skills & Write precise briefs or reports and technical documents.
CO4 To encourage the all round development of students by focusing on soft skills
IT31 Mobile Application Development CO1: Understand Various Mobile Application Architectures (Understand)
CO2: Use different types of widgets and Layouts. (Apply)
CO3: Describe Web Services and Web Views in mobile applications. (Understand)
CO4 Implement data storing and retrieval methods in android. (Apply)
CO5 Demonstrate Hybrid Mobile App Framework in android Architecture, Framework.
IT32  DWDM CO1 Understand Data warehouse concepts, architecture and models (Understand)
CO2 Learn and understand techniques of preprocessing on various kinds of data (Understand)
CO3 Apply association Mining and Classification Techniques on Data Sets (Apply)
CO4 Apply association Mining and Classification Techniques on Data Sets (Apply)
CO5 Apply Clustering Techniques and Web Mining on Data Sets (Apply)
IT 33 Software Testing & Quality Assurance
(3 Credits)
CO1: Understand the role of software quality assurance in contributing to the efficient delivery of software solutions
CO2: Demonstrate specific software tests with well-defined objectives and targets
CO3: Apply the software testing techniques in commercial environments
CO4: Construct test strategies and plans for software testing
CO5: Understand the usage of software testing tools for test effectiveness, efficiency
and coverage
IT34 Knowledge Representation and Artificial
Intelligence: ML, DL
CO1 Understand basic building block of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge
CO2 Apply Propositional Logic for knowledge representation. (Apply)
CO3 Design various models based on Machine Learning methodology (Apply)
CO4 Design various models based on Deep Learning methodology (Apply)
CO5 Understand various hardware and software aspect used for AI and its
IT35 Cloud Computing CO1 Describe the concepts of Cloud Computing and its Service Models&
Deployment Models
CO2 Classify the types of Virtualization. (Understand)
CO3 Describe the Cloud Management and relate Cloud to SOA. (Understand)
CO4 Interpret Architecture and Pharrell Programing of Cloud Computing. (Apply)
CO5 Demonstrate practical implementation of Cloud computing. (Apply)
OC31 Open Subject 5(R Programming) CO1  Outline the basic concepts of Quantitative Aptitude
CO2  To apply logic and solve problems of Logical Reasoning
CO3 To understand Basic Technical programming concepts
CO4  To apply logic for output based Technical programming
OC32 Big Data Technologies CO1 Student must be Able to understand the building blocks of Big Data
CO2 Student must be know the recent research trends related to Hadoop File System, MapReduce, and MongoDB etc
CO3 Student must be able to represent the analytical and technologies aspects of Big Data(MongoDB)
CO4 Understand the working environment of Pig and Hive for processing the structured and unstructured data
CO5 Student must be able to understand the specialized aspects of big data with the help of different big data Technologies.
IT31L Mobile Application Development Lab CO1 Apply essential Android Programming concepts and develope small mobile android application by using android studio.
CO2 Develop Android applications related to

SQLITE database

KRAI and ML ,DL Lab CO1 Develop ML, DL models using Python (Apply)
SS31 SOFT SKILL-III CO1 Acquaintance with fundamentals of presentation and acquire the skills needed for communication
CO2 Understand and exhibit effective presentation skills while using pause & effect for delivering speeches
CO3 Apply the knowledge & use audio visual tools for making effective Presentation
CO4 Demonstrate the etiquette like body language, Dressing ,gestures & Postures to make information more accessible to your audience
ITC31  Mini Project CO1 Create working project using tools and techniques learnt in this semester