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6.2.2 Institution implements e-governance in itsoperations


1.      Administration

2.      Finance andAccounts

3.      StudentAdmissionandSupport

4.      Examination

1. HEI needs to verify &check all the uploadeddocuments and provide allthe necessary supportingdocuments/functionallinkforverificationasperNAACSOP.



2. Kindly note that Linkprovidedfortheprescribedsupporting documents isnot opening. please relookand provide correct validLink.
3. Kindly provide ERPDocument and Screenshots of user interfaces ofeach modulereflectingthenameof theHEI. Point 3
4. Kindly provideInstitutional expenditurestatementsfor theheadsofe- governanceimplementation reflectedintheAuditedstatement. Point4
5.KindlyprovideBills forthe expenditure onimplementation of e-governance in the areas ofoperation. Point5
6. Kindly provide Annuale-governance reportapproved by GoverningCouncil. Point6
7.KindlyprovidePolicydocumentone-governance. Point7