Consultancy and Collaboration In addition to the traditional teaching and learning process, the Institute has to promote the faculty in research, consultancy, extension, outreach and development of entrepreneurship cell to support student startups.
1. The Institute encourages the faculty members to take up research projects by extending all possible support and to file for patents.
2. With the motto of benefitting the society from the expertise available in the Institute, the Institute encourages conduct of outreach programs and consultancy services offer to the industry, Government and Non-Government Organizations.
3. The faculty members are encouraged to offer consultancy services and the necessary and needed infrastructural support such as laboratory facilities is to be provided by the Institute.
4. The research monitoring cell of the Institute has to ensure that the expertise available in the departments especially the science departments is open to the public.
5. Faculty exchanges between institutions for research, teaching and learning is highly encouraged to enrich them with quality, national and international exposure.