7.1.3 Quality audits on environment and energy regularly undertaken by the Institution. The institutional environment and energy initiatives are confirmed through the following

1.     Green audit / Environment audit

2.     Energy audit

3.     Clean and green campus initiatives

4.     Beyond the campus environmental promotion activities


HEI Input :

A. All of the above

1. HEI needs to verify & check all the uploaded documents and provide all the necessary supporting documents/ functional link for verification as per NAAC SOP.
2. Kindly note that Link provided for the prescribed supporting documents is not opening. please relook and provide correct valid Link.
3. Kindly provide Geo tagged photographs with CAPTION and DATE. 3
4. Kindly provide Certificate from the external accredited auditing agency (preferably government, concern department of Affiliating university). 4
5. Kindly provide Policy document on environment and energy usage. 5
6. Kindly provide Action taken reports and achievement report as clear and Green campus initiatives. 6
7. Kindly provide Reports of the Audits. 7
8. Kindly note that Auditing from Government / Govt. recognized organizations, University departments, recognized / certified non-profit NGOs shall be considered.
9. Kindly provide any other relevant data or documents related in this metrics (if available). Note:- Kindly note that without Geo tagged photographs and supporting documents the Claimed could not be considered. 9