The Institute alumni comprises of all those people who have successfully undergone one or more courses of study (of minimum 1 year) during their lifetime. These courses include post- graduation. The Institute alumni association is formed with the noble objective of maintaining a lively relation between the alumni .It has its own constitution/bye laws which govern all the activities, functioning and resolutions of this association.
1. The prime objective of alumni association is to develop camaraderie in advancing the Institute vision, mission and core values.
2. An alumnus of the Institute represents the alma mater (Institute) in his/her sphere of influence and contact. The association promotes bonhomie by maintaining relationships which are mutually beneficial to both alumni.
3. The Institute warmly recognizes the alumni accomplishments in various fields. This is possible only if there is a channel of communication such as alumni association exists the alumni
4. The alumni association keeps the Institute updated about the alumni achievements in all spheres.
5. The Institute maintains the centralized database of its alumni with every department also having their departmental alumni database. The information of these databases is held confidential and never to be shared by any third party organizations.
6. There are various ways in which the alumni can contribute. The following lists them.
7. Expert guidance in the field of their expertise and student-alumni interaction.
8. Assistance in placements and career guidance by interfacing with corporate /industries.
9. Expert coaching of Institute sports teams, sponsorship of events.