4.1.2 Percentage of expenditure for infrastructure development and  augmentation excluding salary during the last five years Expenditure for infrastructure development and  augmentation, excluding salary year wise during last five years (INR in lakhs) 

HEI Input :

2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19
24.04 2.27 0.09 0.16 2.14


1. HEI needs to verify & check all the uploaded documents and provide all the necessary supporting documents/ functional link for verification as per NAAC SOP.
2. Kindly note that Link provided for the prescribed data template and supporting documents is not opening. please relook and provide correct valid Link.
3.Kindly note that Audited Statement of income and expenditure should be in the name of applicant HEI only, but not in the name of the Trust / Society. Balance Sheet
4. Kindly MUST provide audited income and expenditure statement (without which claim could not be considered) and must highlight the expenditure, excluding salary for infrastructure augmentation during last five years. DVV Final
5. Please MUST provide a CA certificate for Expenditure for infrastructure augmentation, excluding salary year-wise during last five years (INR in lakhs) duly signed and sealed by the principal. DVV Final
6. Kindly provide any other relevant data or documents related in this metrics (if available). Note:- Kindly note that focus of this metric is on to acquiring new infrastructure DVV Bills