The Institute policy is in agreement with the UGC regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions, 2009 and it is committed to keep the campus ragging free.
1. As per the UGC ragging regulations, 2009, state and central government directives, anti- ragging undertakings from students and parents are to be collected at the admission entry level itself making them aware of the consequences of its violation.
2. Considering ragging as a cognizable offence, all the provisions of central and state government acts are to be scrupulously followed.
3. The Anti-ragging cell is to be constituted by the Institute director which has to work under his/her direct supervision.
4. On receipt of ragging complaint by the Anti-ragging cell, the Institute has to seriously deal with such cases as per the university regulations which may include reporting and registering it at the nearest law and order department.
5. Strict vigilance on student activities especially during the admission period at the beginning of the academic year is to be stringently maintained.
6. Counseling facility to be provided by the Anti-ragging cell or in house counselors or by professional counselors, if need be. Their reports to be submitted to the Institute Director regularly.
7. The faculty to be also directed to identify potential violators and susceptible victims by visible stress and palpable tension. Such cases to be communicated to the Institute anti- ragging cell for quick disposal of solution.
8. On receipt of ragging related instructions/information from central, state, UGC and court orders, the Institute anti-ragging cell to update the stake holders regularly.
9. During the first few weeks or months of the academic year, special sessions may be arranged for new Institute entrants to prepare them for their socio-academic life in the campus.
10. All the locations in the Institute campus with higher possibility of ragging is to be identified by the Institute anti-ragging cell and such locations must be under constant vigil and watch.
11. The Institute has to ensure active participation of maximum students in cultural festivals and activities so that the distinction of senior or junior is automatically erased.
12. The anti-ragging policy of the Institute is to be prominently displayed on the Institute website as well as included in the Institute prospectus and mentioned in the admission related documents in addition to the display of anti-ragging slogans using electronic and print media available in the campus.
13. The Institute anti-ragging cell may be supplemented with faculty squad, if need be, for deputation at vulnerable locations and times.
14. The anti-ragging cell has to ensure sensitization of parents about the rights and safety of their children/wards by leveraging the opportunities when they are likely to meet and interact and if needed, special sessions may be conducted.