The Institute is committed to provide the best resources to all the stake holders namely students and staff. The Institute has a system of managing and mobilizing its financial resources which is periodically audited and transparent.
1. The activities planned by various departments, committees, individual staff members has to submit the proposals to the Institute internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) which will monitor the need, sanction and execution of such proposals.
2. After analyzing the need of activity proposals, the IQAC would either recommend sanction or rejection of activity proposals to the director for final decision.
3. The Institute encourages each section of the institution to find sponsors towards meeting the expenses for organization of events and activities.
4. The IQAC is expected to study and recommend various ways to channelize funds for the development of the institution.
5. The new construction and maintenance works are to be sanctioned only after conducting a feasibility study under the guidance of IQAC.
6. All faculty members are encouraged to apply and avail themselves of different research project funds, incentives, aids which is being offered by various agencies.
7. In cases of disaster relief and social outreach programs being planned by the Institute on humanitarian grounds, an appeal for sponsorship from general public, well-wishers and philanthropic institutions may also be made, wherever possible.