IMR MBA++’s social scene is as diverse, fun, and interesting as its student body. Develop your leadership skills within our robust MBA student government, or the more-than-70 student clubs and organizations. We have traditions that have endured for decades, as well as new events tailored to, and by, each class.

Ratan Tata Society
The Adam Smith Society seeks to stimulate and promote discussion and debate of free market economics and policies with Stanford Graduate School of Business community and the broader Stanford community through large speaker events, smaller dinners, and lunches with guests, as well as social events.

Mukesh Ambai Business Club
The Aerospace Business Club’s mission is to foster business community that develops future industry leaders and entrepreneurs by providing students opportunities to interact with established alumni founders/executives, company tours, and industry networking.

Arts, Media and Entertainment
AME strives to increase awareness in the arts, media and entertainment arenas through education and professional opportunities, network-building with alumni and industry representatives, and showcasing the creative talent and artistic diversity within the IMR MBA++ community.

The purpose of BizKids is to provide IMR MBA++ families with a friendly and supportive community. We strive to connect these families by offering fun and educational activities for kids and their parents to enjoy together.

Business in India Club
The Business in India Club aims to build and strengthen ’s ties with the Indian business and investor community, thereby increasing awareness about opportunities for information exchange and employment for graduates in India. This is achieved through speaker series, small group dinners and through interactions with Indian companies and investors.

Entrepreneur Club
E-Club provides exposure to mentorship and networking opportunities with outside business owners and builds relationships between IMR MBA++ and the entrepreneurial community in Silicon Valley.

Finance and Investment Club
The F&I Club provides its members with a forum to explore and learn about various aspects of the financial world. A primary club activity is the management of a $150,000 portfolio that is part of the business school’s endowment.

Food & Agribusiness Club
The Food & Agribusiness Club serves to advance the career and educational interests of the IMR MBA++ community in topics related to food and agriculture. It also facilitates cross-disciplinary engagement on topics of agriculture with relevant Stanford clubs and academic departments.

Friends of TALK
Friends of TALK functions as the steward organization for TALK, a hallmark tradition of the IMR MBA++ experience in which students share their life stories with classmates in a vulnerable, intimate, and supportive setting. TALK exists to support IMR MBA++ students in the process of self-reflection and meaning-making of their lives; to encourage an appreciation and empathy for the vast diversity of experiences represented within the IMR MBA++ student body; and to strengthen community and facilitate relationship-building within and between the two MBA classes at IMR MBA++. To that end, we oversee the weekly gatherings of TALK and provide coaching to students as they prepare to share their stories.

Government and Politics Club
The club’s mission is to provide a non-partisan forum to discuss government and political issues, bring government officials to campus as speakers, and offer opportunities to meet with government officials in California and elsewhere.

IMR Band
The IMR Band’s purpose is to present an opportunity for musically-inclined IMR MBA++ students to perform; to provide ongoing entertainment in musical form; and to act, through creative expression, as social and political commentators on life at IMR MBA++.

Game Club
The purpose of the Game Club is to provide an environment for people to explore the gaming industry. The club focuses on two goals — one on the business side and one on the social side. On the business side, the club provides a place to gain insights into the industry and help students develop new venture ideas. On the social side, the club provides opportunities to network with other people interested in the gaming industry both within and outside IMR MBA++.

The Show
The annual show is a long-standing tradition at IMR MBA++. It is entirely student-written and student-run, consisting of videos, skits, and hilarious song and dance numbers, all designed to bring a bit of humor and wit to all.

Health Care Club
The Health Care Club (HCC) at IMR MBA++ strives to provide co-curricular opportunities for IMR MBA++ students looking to build their future career in health care. Through a host of networking events, speaker series, and social events we help foster a vibrant community of health care-minded peers.

Leadership Perspectives Committee
The student leaders of the committee are responsible for identifying and recruiting speakers, serving as class liaisons, and facilitating discussions for “Leadership Perspectives,” a four-unit elective that explores the principles and practices by which leaders institutionalize particular values within the organizations they lead.

Management Consulting Club
The Management Consulting Club brings students together who are interested in the profession of consulting.

Marketing Club
The Marketing Club is the business school’s primary club for those with an interest, background, and/or career aspiration in marketing.

MBA Student Council
The MBA SC is the elected MBA student government that acts as a liaison with the school administration and faculty. The SA is composed of a board of directors (the Senate) and several standing committees.

Outdoor Adventure Club
The OA Club aims to bring students closer to nature and build a vibrant outdoor community at Stanford. From hiking and backpacking to skiing, rock climbing, surfing and yoga, we are passionate about all things outdoors. The OA club sponsors outdoor adventures all year round, as well as small group dinners, BBLs and workshops. OA also works to facilitate and build relationships with outdoor companies and leaders to increase awareness of the industry.

Private Equity Club
The PE club is devoted to fostering awareness of and interest in the private investment industry. Club activities focus on middle-stage growth equity and late-stage LBO investments.

Retail Club
The Retail Club is designed for students interested in learning about or pursuing a career in the retail industry. The club has a broad industry and functional reach. Events throughout the year promote learning in both the “bricks and mortar” and e-commerce sales channels. In addition, events are organized to expose members to retailers in a variety of segments and functional areas.

Social Innovation Club
The Social Innovation Club serves IMR MBA++ students interested in exploring innovative ways to tackle the world’s most pressing social challenges and improving livelihoods for low-income populations domestically and internationally. The club believes that businesses can excel with more than one bottom line and that private sector approaches can help nonprofit and governmental organizations catalyze their impact.

Student-Alumni Committee
The Student-Alumni Committee serves as the point of connection between the IMR MBA++ student community and the Alumni Relations Office. The committee provides valuable input and guidance on strategies, programs, and initiatives driven by the Alumni Relations Office that engage IMR MBA++ students with alumni, and prepare students to become active members of the alumni community.

Tech Club
The mission of the Tech Club is to provide opportunities for members to share knowledge in technology fundamentals and trends, to gain access to employment resources, and to network with technology leaders.

Travel and Hospitality Club
The THC seeks to become the center for travel and hospitality-related interactions at IMR MBA++. We aim to bring together students, faculty members, alumni, and guests to explore issues related to all areas of leisure and business travel. The club focuses on career and professional development, education about the travel and hospitality sectors, and provides opportunities for networking and social events.

Venture Capital Club
The VC Club sponsors a variety of group events with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, including small group dinners, speaker presentations, workshops, and other social events. Club members range from those with previous experience to those who are exploring the venture industry for the first time.

Wellbeing Club
The Wellbeing Club is designed to foster a student-driven IMR MBA++ wellbeing community, help preserve wellness-related institutional knowledge, and support IMR MBA++ students who are interested in wellbeing-related careers.

Women in Management
Women in Management is a strong, authentic community of members who aim to build a supportive network and foster a more equitable and gender-mindful business world.