The policy for education and curriculum is framed for governing the development of educational programs which are need based and pertinent to be offered in the institution. It relates to design, promotion and offering of relevant programs for augmentation of students skills in a full-time and part-time manner or a combination of multiple programs as possible.
1. The sole objective of the curriculum would be to transform the learners into proficient and responsible citizens of the nation and investing knowledge, values and competencies in the moto contribute in the national development.
2. Stringent safety norms to betaken for ensuring safety at all places in the institution.
3. Innovative techniques included in the curriculum must be relevant to the higher education sector.
4. The certificate and Add-on skill development courses being offered is to be periodically evaluated for ensuring that the changing requirements in the career market are addressed.
5. Review of inclusive initiatives for slow and advanced learners to be periodically done.
6. To ensure parental awareness and support, regular feedback to be taken for consistent track record of learner’s performance.
7. Synchronism with the proposed academic calendar to be compulsorily maintained.
8. The proposed academic calendar is to be prepared afresh every year and well in advance in consultation with all the departmental heads, faculty and mentors also leaving some scope of its modification due to any unforeseen circumstances.
9. The proposed course and program outcomes are strictly adhered to by constant monitoring.