The Institute is committed to nurture an environment that of proper conduct and respect between all the stake holders ensuring that none of them is subjected to any sort of harassment. This is to be achieved by enforcement of anti-harassment policy and complaint procedures at all
levels to make the environment absolved of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and/or sexual assault.
1. Discrimination, harassment (including sexual/gender harassment), sexual assault and retaliation against all the stake holders including contractors, interns and other third- parties performing their assigned tasks is strictly prohibited in the Institute campus.
2. The higher tier personnel are expected to serve as role models of appropriate conduct for all other personnel but everyone will have to uphold higher standards of conduct.
3. As per the directives of Sexual Harassment of women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redress) Act 2013, the Institute has to constitute a committee.
4. To sensitize students about the sexual and gender-based violence, its consequences and legal measures available to control it, special sessions of experts may be organized as per the prevailing situation in the campus and the need felt for the same.
5. To ensure gender equality, fairer sex (female) to be adequately represented in all sections of the Institute.
6. Any stake holder who feels that he/she is subjected to any kind of harassment due to his/her sex/gender or is witness to any such violation, then the same must be immediately reported to the director who is ex-officio head of the anti-harassment committee or anyone in hierarchy who is deemed to be reported.