The Institute is committed to molding of its students into ideal citizens with integrity, human values and intellect during their course of study/association. To realize this, the Institute should take special care and attention during their academic career for ensuring their holistic development and constructive contribution in the nation building.
1. The rights and duties of the students and their support in achieving the institutional goals and objectives must be ensured.
2. The Institute strictly adheres to the rules, regulations and directives of the Central/State Government, UGC, affiliated University and the higher educational policies of the Institute management in all matters related to higher education.
3. The Institute encourages subscription to the best practices in the higher education sector wherever and whenever possible provided these align with the Institute values and vision. It is also open to comply with any changes in the legislation.
4. Clear, comprehensive and accurate information of all the programs, courses being conducted in the Institute along with their entry requirements is provided to all those interested, without any filtration or hiding.
5. The academically able, motivated and eligible students are promoted in all spheres of education irrespective of their backgrounds namely caste, creed, religion, region etc.
6. All matters relating to the admission, mentoring, academic formation and recruitment will be under the supervision of concerned teachers. HODs, mentors, IQAC and the Director.
7. The differently able students (including those with disabilities) are entitled to avail special services in the campus.
8. The Institute expects its students to strictly observe their code of conduct in the Institute campus observing all the Institute rules and regulations. Any violation of these will be dealt with as per pertinent laws. The code of conduct of all stake holders is available on the Institute website.
9. The following considerations are intended by the Institute to ensure student centric atmosphere in the Institute campus.
(i) Value based education to all students upholding morality and ethics.
(ii) Fairness and transparency in admission, examination, campus placements, etc.
(iii) Guidance about future careers and employment opportunities to be provided to students.
(iv) Financial support to needy students by way of installments, concessions etc.